Shannon Stevenson

Medical Aesthetician

Shannon has the enviable ability to match relaxation with results and high standards with optimal patient care.  Under Shannon’s care you will receive her nurturing touch and be assured by her professional expertise. Her pride in patient care is outstanding; and as a chosen member of the New Radiance team, she brings life enhancing treatments and experiences to all of her patients.

It was the variety and advancing science of aesthetics that inspired Shannon’s full-time shift into New Radiance Medi-Spa.  Nurturing and fun-loving, Shannon’s breadth of knowledge and calming nature allow her to create individual plans that align with goals and lives.  Helping people feel they best is Shannon’s own personal goal.

This mother of two growing boys enjoys cheerleading their hockey games, swinging her golf clubs, and tending to her home garden. If you are not already acquainted, then become so. Allow Shannon to provide you with your medical aesthetic needs, as she guides you along your optimal wellness journey.