Carol Sheldon


Carol Sheldon is a proven entrepreneur noted for her customer service expertise and business acumen.  Since the conception of New Radiance, she has excelled in developing both vendor and client relationships with the firm objective of exceeding client expectations and goals.

Through her studies, professional practice, and personal journey; Carol experienced a profound relationship between the mind and body. She realized the powerful connection between increasing one’s self care and increasing self esteem.
Carol is thoroughly versed in the scientific, business and practical knowledge required to lead her team of New Radiance professionals.  As a well-reputed, skilled and sensitive practitioner, she respects the clients’ personal and sometimes emotional well-being. This is why the New Radiance experience is unique and unforgettable.

Carol loves Cochrane, the community where she grew up and is now raising her 3 teenagers. She can be found in her “free” time enjoying local cuisine, at a Pilates class, socializing with friends and is always up to jump in to help out a worthy cause.