Vitamin Boosters

Vitamin Boosters

Why would we need one?

 Unlike vitamins from pills or food, vitamin shots provide 100% absorption. They give your body a near-instant boost because the nutrients don’t have to pass through your body’s digestive system.

Vitamin shots are formulated to deliver essential nutrients, including electrolytes and antioxidants. Boosters can’t replace a healthy lifestyle and work best when used alongside a balanced diet and exercise.

Our experienced and qualified Naturopathic Doctor will fully assess your health and recommend, if appropriate, the right vitamin injection to help optimize your overall wellness.

If you haven’t seen our Naturopathic Doctor we also have two highly qualified Nurses that would love to see you!

Some of the boosters we offer are:

B12 Booster

NAD Booster

Balancing Booster

Slimming Booster