Girl, Wash Your Face

Girl, Wash Your Face

Where to begin with a good skincare routine!? Cleansers are highly underrated in a skincare routine. They are often over shadowed by brightening and anti-aging serums and those luxurious feeling moisturizers. They are the very beginning of your routine and should not be treated lightly. They cleanse and prep your skin for everything that comes next. Starting with one that suits your unique skin can be a trial and error, but once you find a cleanser you love, you will value it as much as your beloved serums!

Cleansing prepares your skin by balancing the pH and prepping your skin for the next products to absorb and work effectively. A morning cleansing routine helps your makeup apply flawlessly on clean, smoother skin. Giving your face a good wash at the end of a long day will also help your skin stay clear, hydrated, healthier and those active products we use to “treat” at night work better.

Many people hit their pillow case without cleansing their face at night. And those of us that do, are probably not doing it properly. Some use soap or body wash to cleanse their faces, and some simply use water. Then we wonder why we are waking up with a dreaded pimple, congestion, dryness, oily skin and also sensitive skin.

Finding the best face wash for your skin type can help you implement an easy skincare routine and investing in your skin can do more than help you look better, it can help you feel better too. Many of us know that the way our skin looks greatly impacts our confidence. The top skin care concerns that women struggle with are combination skin, dry skin and wrinkles. 

Men, Women and Teenagers alike are concerned with their skin and skincare routine as we all benefit from taking better care of our skin. Cleansing can help remove excess oil, dirt, and sweat, ultimately offering your skin the respite it needs. Skin is our biggest organ after all.

Skincare is a multi-billion dollar market, with hundreds of thousands of available products boasting all kinds of benefits. Which are the best face washes that will get you clean and prepped? Here are a few of the most popular types of cleansers.

Cream Cleansers offer great benefit to those with sensitive/reactive skin and are an essential to have on hand post laser treatments or chemical peels. Cream cleansers are gentle and don’t aggravate or strip the skin but still give a good, deep clean while not removing all your necessary oils from your skin. Cream cleansers are also beneficial for combination skin (sensitive/dry, dry/acne) and skin that has inflamed or cystic acne as they are soothing and help bring inflammation down. The moisturizing and therapeutic ingredients in cream cleansers are essential for a healthy skin barrier, calming and locking in moisture. Nr’s Favourite Cream Cleanser is AlumierMD Sensicalm found here

Gel Cleansers are great for any skin ranging from resilient to combination or oily skin. They usually start off as a gel and become beautiful foaming cleansing-goodness. Many people love gel cleansers for the efficiency as only one cleanse is necessary to cleanse away all sunscreen, makeup and debris from the day. Go ahead and double cleanse if you choose, it certainly won’t hurt.

A gel cleanser works best for oily or acne-prone skin because it can cut through excess oil on the skins surface and inside pores and wont leave the skin dry or tight. (Medicated cleansers usually fall into the gel cleanser category, and should be discussed more in-depth with your skincare specialist if you are struggling with acne, blackheads or hormonal breakouts) NR’s Favourite is AlumierMD Purifying Gel Cleanser

Hydrating Cleansers are the gentle but effective cleansers that usually don’t foam. They are perfect for dry climates (hello ALBERTA) and especially great in winter months to help add moisture to the skin with the 1st step of your routine. Often people will add this luxurious cleanser to their routine once a day (am) to cleanse and add essential moisture and stick to their Gel cleanser in the evening to do the heavy lifting. Hydrating cleansers coat the skin with their nurturing ingredients to replace that typical post-cleanse tightness with skin-coddling goodness. Eltraderm has a new Hydrating cleanser we are VERY excited about, only available in-clinic (not online yet) and then there is the every so silky, hydration boosting AlumierMD Hydraboost

Getting started with a healthy skincare routine doesnt need to be expensive, it should be effective and fairly simple. If you are not loving your skin, think about switching to a new cleanser! Book an appointment with your local Medi Spa expert at least once a year for a complimentary assessment and to create a skincare plan that combines products and treatments to ensure your skin is healthy, acting youthfully and glowing.