Pink Friday 2022

Pink Friday 2022

November… Deep Thoughts of a Small Business Entrepreneur

With the consumer driven Holiday season upon us, forcing major sales and competition, where  can we focus our wish list and our support and know that it is making an impact?

Black Friday has always been a dreaded day for small business, it feels like we have to work 100X harder to draw attention to ourselves and compete with the online shopping sales and low low pricing craze. No one will be lining up at our doors to trample over each other at 6am to buy our best selling, coveted anti-aging Collagen gel at 80% off. It just isn’t possible to compete with big box on a fair level. We see more and more “influencers” on social media with affiliate links to every Amazon product that you MUST have. That “table runner” looks so amazing on the perfectly dressed table and look… it is soooo cheap! Those affiliate links get the influencers tons of tiny streams of income that can really add up. Have you even met that influencer? Is it even their table? My guess is nope, because who actually even uses table runners anymore!? WHO ARE YOU ACTUALLY SUPPORTING? It matters.

Meanwhile, around the corner and down the street at your neighbour’s Medi Spa, or your kids’ teacher’s husbands Pizza place, or Sister-in-laws’ Flower store, or a cousin’s Fitness studio, a  family owned Microbrewery, or, or, or… Community and connection is intertwined and it feeds a cycle that is so actually-amazing-and-beautiful. Supporting local helps pay mortgages, buy groceries, fill up our cars with heavily taxed gas, funds a date night, and can pay the fees for our kids to join sports teams, which supports even MORE local. You get me. Supporting local is a lovely waltz of monetary support and sharing around our City.

Building Community is cool, and trending!😘

Bonus: It feels great to pop in and say Hi, catch up, sneak a hug and see some gorgeous smiles and happy faces when supporting the local businesses that our residents have worked so hard to bring to fruition.

So, think about what is on your wish list, can your partner pick it up in town? Is there something local that is very similar or equal that you haven’t tried yet because it is easier to open your mail box or front door? Try it, you might like it even more! I promise the feeling of supporting local feels better, tastes better and goes farther than any super-duper-sale or never tried product that over promises and is most likely too good to be true for the low low sales price. Need I say more?

From the bottom of our hearts, We appreciate every single purchase all of our amazing clients have made. We appreciate the trust you put in us, the amazing google reviews you make time to leave, the referrals to friends and family and we  appreciate all the patience and understanding clients have given small businesses over the last several years as we have struggled with stress that we never could have imagined and pivoting, surviving and staying with us in the coming phase of “let’s see what is next” in the life of an entrepreneur.

*PINK FRIDAY is a small business spin on Black Friday, reminding people to #ShopSmallFirst

I hope it releases dopamine and serotonin when you participate this year! See you on Friday November 25th at 6am. Jk, Sleep in!