Turning back the clock! What does Anti-age even mean?

Turning back the clock! What does Anti-age even mean?

Understanding that aging is a chronic condition, it requires ongoing maintenance and attention.

No one wants to look their age. We want to look and feel great and ideally, a few years younger than we actually are. We all know Jennifer Anniston didn’t start her anti-age plan yesterday, she started in her 20’s! Adequate sleep, hydration, diet and exercise should be in your plan. Here, we will focus on Medical Aesthetics. 

Anti-aging is a broad term and is different to everyone. It is applicable to both men and women and every age group. Lifestyle, inner thoughts and motivation are all factors in what anti-age means to you.

How do you start an Anti-age regimen?

Most experts recommend making a plan that best suits you, your lifestyle, habits and your desired results. A good aesthetic provider will always look at the long game, not just the quick fixes, and so should you.

Look a year or so ahead and ask yourself some questions to get a good idea of what results you want from an anti-aging plan. Do I have an special occasion I want to look sensational for? Am I noticing changes in my skin that I want to address? Do I want to invest more in myself? How can I prevent signs of aging and maintain good results?  

Always consider your social calendar when planning for injectables.

Injectable clients who are looking to smooth wrinkles, add volume and maintain results, should plan on scheduling an appointment every 3-4 months. Fillers should be injected 3-6 weeks before an event and neuromodulators (ie.Botox) 2 weeks before for best results. This schedule minimizes the chance of bruising or swelling on that special day. Fillers typically last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years and should be given proper timing if an event is the motivation. Wrinkle reducers have the best results when done on a regular schedule, by a trusted provider.

Lasers, Energy based devices and Skincare are other pieces in a good Anti-aging plan.

Laser and skin resurfacing treatments should be spaced out and planned ahead to allow you to enjoy the summer months. You can do the bulk of these treatments October to May and focus on great skincare and sunscreen for protecting your investment during the summer and throughout the year. With diligence, planning and proper protection, these treatments can still be done by an expert provider who truly values your safety, in any season.

Laser treatments that require a series of appointments need to be scheduled with enough time to heal, stimulate collagen production and allow your skin to regenerate.

Treatments like facials, micro needling, radio-frequency skin tightening are valuable, customizable treatments that can be added anytime to your plan to achieve and maintain glowing skin, and especially when lasers are not advised.

The most important thing to remember when customizing your anti-age plan, is that it should be a marathon, not a race. The turtle always wins!