The Final Piece to Your Diet and Exercise Puzzle

The Final Piece to Your Diet and Exercise Puzzle

By Carol Sheldon of New Radiance Medi Spa


Body contouring is NOT a weight loss program. It is all about permanent fat destruction. Anyone with an area of stubborn, unwanted fat is a good candidate. It is not gender specific. Common areas that are treated are upper and lower abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, bra roll and double chin. This procedure is very customized. It is important to find a good clinic with experienced staff that can help you treat areas correctly to achieve that natural, sculpted look and to understand your desired results.

Top reasons why people invest in body contouring:

  • Feel more youthful and slimmer
  • Get back to your post baby body
  • Boost the hard work you put in to your weight loss transformation and amplify results
  • Smooth areas to look your best in any fashion style
  • Look and feel your best for an upcoming event or special occasion
  • Rock your swimwear on vacation
  • Gain body confidence
  • Destroy fat in impossible to work off areas (double chin)
  • Not wanting invasive surgery with discomfort and downtime

What is fat destruction, and how does it work?

Body Contouring technology has come a long way and is highly sought after in the cosmetic aesthetic industry. Lipolysis is the process of fat destruction. Different methods of effective fat destruction include freezing, injecting and laser lipolysis, these are non invasive procedures. The process is slower but safer than surgical methods of fat removal due to the time it takes for the body to eliminate the dead fat cells. Typically, 24% of fat cells are permanently destroyed after 2 sessions. New Radiance Medi Spa uses SculpSure for safe, non invasive laser lipolysis.

Considerations when choosing a treatment:

  1. Downtime
  2. Side affects and risk
  3. Natural looking results
  4. Length and convenience of treatment

How quickly will I see results?

When considering body contouring for any event or occasion, allow enough time for the process to fully take affect. It is recommended starting 4 months before an event. Results are seen approximately 6 weeks after the 1st session, with the best results seen 12 weeks after the second session. This allows all the dead fat cells to be eliminated out of the lymphatic system.

The cost for body contouring, regardless of the method used varies with each person. An average treatment can start at six hundred dollars and requires two sessions, spaced 4 – 6 weeks apart for optimal results.

What happens if you gain weight after being treated?

If someone gains a fair amount of weight, the existing fat cells can expand. However, the treated area is no longer as noticeable as it once was because 24% of fat cells have been destroyed permanently. An area not treated will be more noticeable with weight gain.

Many people like making changes to their appearance to improve self-confidence. Colouring your hair, getting a facial treatment or choosing body contouring can improve self-esteem and give a feeling of youthfulness. When considering a body contouring treatment, it is encouraged  to continue or pursue an active lifestyle, proper nutrition and to stay well hydrated to optimize results.