Invest in your confidence

Invest in your confidence

Summer can take a harsh toll on our skin. Fall is the best time to get back on track and get our skin health in check. In fact, aging is a chronic condition. It is easier to slow down the biological clock than it is to reverse years of damage and aging. With the right technology, skilled providers and a great long term plan, you can treat your concerns and get results. Always look at creating a plan that involves treatment, protection and maintenance. Other things to consider while making a plan are timing (this means scheduling treatments around special events), seasonal treatments like lasers (not always the best in the sunniest months), and downtime.

Unprotected sun exposure and repeated sun burns are things we can avoid to prevent rapid aging. Sun damage is the number one cause of wrinkles and premature aging of our skin. Luckily, we don’t have to fear the sun. We can enjoy it, while protecting our skin with the right tools! Things we cannot control as much that can have long term, undesirable effects on our skin are acne and hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause.

Every skin type is at risk of damage and hyperpigmentation, and it can become irreversible. Energy-based devices such as IPL – photofacial, Fractora® microneedling and Fractional laser skin resurfacing provide amazing results for reversing pigment. They can reach those tough spots that skincare alone cannot. Prepping the skin with effective pharmaceutical grade skincare such as hydroquinone and retinol can assist this technology and should not be overlooked. Chemical peels can be used to treat active acne or left over pigment and scars, and prepare the skin for lasers. With the right combination of energy based devices and skincare, this unwanted pigment can be treated to the point of non visibility. Combination therapy is your recipe for a flawless complexion. Why stop at the face? Lets not forget the chest and hands, they can give away your true age!

Once treated, it is important to maintain the results of even tone, texture and luminous skin. Studies show that the right product pairing and laser treatments get the most return on your investment.

It is never too late to age gracefully.