Making Dreams Happen With The Sheldon Family

Making Dreams Happen With The Sheldon Family

The door swings open and the kids arrive after a vigorous bike ride across the town. Teddy and Buster, the two dogs, are hanging out and everything gets animated when the group arrives. It’s a busy place, life as usual with three kids, two dogs, two parents and two homes. Since 2014 they have mastered the art of scheduling a one-week-on, one-week-off `family first’ healthy lifestyle.

Meet the Sheldons: Carol (46), Paul (44), Zoe, Eve, and George. They represent a dynamic, modern, divorced, proactive young entrepreneurial family. Living in the heart of Riverview and the East End of Downtown. They have great neighbours who regularly look out for the kids who are out and about exploring, send greetings and stop in to say hello. As residents of Cochrane downtown the Sheldons take the time to enjoy all the things that living inside the central core has to offer. The two girls make use of nature that is at their doorstep—Eve (12) a free spirit, loves to walk the dogs by the river and Zoe (13) the budding artist, uses the inspiration of the mature trees and wild flowersfor her photography and painting. It’s close to everything, where you can get a really pleasant community feeling walking to restaurants and shopping.

The entire family is active. The youngest, George (10), loves being close to the ground and so is passionate about wrestling and thrives on the football field. The girls both play basketball and volleyball. As a family they ski in the winter, they use the Spray Lakes Recreation Centre for swimming, and everyone loves riding their bikes on the trails around town.

With deep roots in this small town, Carol is known as a “Mayhew Twin.” Can you imagine growing up in a family with two sets of twins? Carol and Beth, her identical twin sister, graduated from Cochrane High in 1989. Their older sister and brother who are also twins, graduated from the same school in 1988.

Pan in to somewhere on a beach in Australia in 1997 — an electronic engineer from England and a sweet small town gal from Bearspaw, Alberta meet and fall in love. In 1998 Carol and Paul decided to get married. Life together began — kids arrived.

As is common in the oil and gas industry, Paul’s work sent him to many new places all over the world. Their affinityand love of nature and natural outdoors brought them to Alaska where they spent seven years before returning to Cochrane. After spending 10 years raising children, Carol went on to study the `Psychology of Eating’ (2014) and then became passionate about Cosmetic Aesthetics and obtained a variety of Laser Certifications.Change was on the horizon.

Growing up and raising a family here, Carol has watched the growth and blossoming of the community. The arrival of new high tech businesses and small town boutiques heightened her desire to write a business plan, obtain financingand become an entrepreneur. In 2018, her entrepreneurial dream came true and she opened ‘New Radiance’ her firstmodern Medi Spa featuring state of the art beauty laser equipment in a gorgeously designed artistic space.

With the bust in the economy and years spent exploring the world, Paul said goodbye to the Oil & Gas industry and is pursuing his talented creative side producing fineart pieces and elegant wood sculptures. As an artist, he is grateful for the change and loves that he can spend quality time with his family.

When these parents are not volunteering at the Manachaban middle school, running their business or cheering on their kids at a sporting event, they are planning an escape with one of their favorite toys, a fully refurbished, authentic, retro vibe, 1969 Airstream trailer which Carol and Paul lovingly restored during their marriage together.

The divorce came in 2013. Rising to the challenge Carol and Paul forged their new path by putting their differences aside. Through forward thinking the couple decided that divorce would not stand in the way of their family dreams. They are proud of their new partnership, the opportunities for growth and the direction of their reinvented lives. Although they do not live together they are raising their kids, to dream big, work hard, have fun and to practice happy family values.

In Carol’s words, “I want to thank my patient and tolerant neighbours for putting up with my loud family who come out of the driveway a million times a day on bikes and in the car, and two cute dogs who are not the most obedient. I know Paul feels the same way about this. Raising kids takes a village and Cochrane is such a great family village.”

“Everyone is so unique and diverse and we all have a great story. I love to read about the people in our small town community. Learning and getting to know each other improves tolerance and compassion for others… I would just love to see as many friendly and familiar faces as possible. Thank you for working so hard to provide this magazine to our community.”